Our Residence

Our family residence is open to female artists and writers. And also to women who want to take time for themselves and their thoughts, to escape from everyday life. Our residence is meant to be used for creative work, but also for rest and restoration. This women’s residence is the first of its kind in Finland. We believe, that together (as women) we can change the World. Our Residence is located near the idyllic village center of Sipoo.

Sipoo is a bilingual, culturally rich municipality, which resides approximately half an hour drive from Helsinki center. Sipoo has many activity options, but it is also possible to concentrate on enjoying the clean nature and peace of the scenery. The municipal services offered by Sipoo can be looked up thru the Sipoo municipality’s website.

Our guests are welcome to enjoy the safe and warm atmosphere of our home. We ourselves work with art and literature and look forward to interesting interactions with our residence guests. We offer accommodation in the main building in single bedrooms, and in the lodge called “Mirjamin maja” on the second floor, a single-room apartment.

At our guests’ disposal are also the shared premises of our home: the cozy livingroom-kitchen, our library, rich in atmosphere, inviting to acquaint Yourself with a diverse choice of books, and the fireplace room, situated in its own residence wing, with residence rooms.

Included in the accommodation are full board and working facilities. Our guests are welcome to stay from one night up to a month. The price is determined by the timeframe and longevity of the stay. Contact us thru the website or email/ phone call. We require our guests to have valid travel insurance.

The Aim and Mission of Solgården Residence

Solgården is the first Finnish, for women only, non-profit, profound residence, with humane and ethical values. The aim and the deepest source of power in this activity is to work for the recognition of women’s human dignity and human rights throughout the world. The birth givers of this residence hold freedom of speech in extremely high value. They want to create a surrounding, where every woman can become heard and seen. Solgården is a place, where one may speak out loud, and where women may come as they are, with no outside pressure or threat.

Our residence guests may freely express their deepest essence and thought thru art, interaction, shared action, and debate. Solgården (‘Sun Garden’) is the sunny house of human dignity and hope, where women change the world. The soul of Solgården consists of Kiba’s and Kaarina’s, two women artist’s, home, which they share with the residence guests.

One wing of the house is reserved for residence guests and in the courtyard, there is “Mirjamin kirjailijamaja” (Mirjami’s writer’s lodge), built in the 19th century, the first floor of which works as an atelier for artists. In addition, more accommodation rooms and a big atelier space are to be completed to the main building’s attic. Nature plays an important role in the way the Residence functions. The place is situated in the midst of a beautiful rural landscape, in the heart of Sipoo.

All four nature elements: earth, fire, water, and clean air are concretely present and offer residents peace of mind and an opportunity to find the connection to their inner creativity and interaction with nature. The residents may, depending on the time of the year, wander in the forests, pick mushrooms, ski, ride a horse, or a bicycle in the municipality high street. Solgården has an ideal location. Though the house is situated in the middle of a safe idyllic countryside, all the services of the Sipoo municipality center are just a few kilometers away.

Also, public transportation connections to Helsinki work well, Helsinki regional bus numbers 788 and 788K. The residence works strongly with the community and synergy with the neighborhood. The services and people giving them to the residents come from the neighboring area, which is why the residence also has an employing effect. The aim is also to recreate methods of how to co-create and cooperate with different skilled women – not forgetting businesswomen.

With Warmth,

Kiba & Kaarina